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Friends and Family Links

A few of our friends have great web sites that you might want to check out.
Insight Services
Our friend Susan provides a variety of techniques that promote Intuitive self awareness, self healing and self understanding.
Looking to get away from it all?
Paul's aunt and uncle have a terrific little cabin (bigger than our house on Chesapeake Ave.) on Leech Lake in north woods of Minnesota. If you're thinking about getting away for a week or two, Sandy Cove Cabin might be the ideal place.
Listen to Hober Radio
Hober is an internet-only radio station broadcasting in Takoma Park, MD. This one-man radio station plays eclectic music all the time, with no commercials. Check in on Thursadys when Hober has local bands playing live in the studio. If you like what you hear, you can order CDs of the music from an icon on the playlist. Hober gets a small cut, but the rest goes straight to the artist.
Claire and Will's Home Page
We feel like we can take just a little bit of credit as their inspiration: Will and Claire, a British couple we met in Dubrovnik on our Trip, embarked on their own trip around the world. Like us, they took a laptop and digital camera with them and kept a website of their trip.
Emerald Events
Our friend Pat McPherson has an Events and Meeting Planning business called Emerald Events, and she hired us to design and host the website. 
John Armstrong
(Johnna's Dad.) Showcases some of his photography, and his artistic renderings with Adobe Photoshop.
Space Coast Woodturners Club
Johnna's Dad is the webmaster for his woodturning club's site.
Lunchbox Press, Inc.
Our friend Risa Shaw started a publishing company called Lunchbox Press. This site showcases its first book Not Child's Play.
Ilona Popper
Ilona is a local poet who is publishing her first book called BREAK. Her site features a different poem each month, so check back often to read her evocative work.
The Station at Shepherdstown
The Station is a local non-profit, community-oriented space, housed in the old train station. Our dentist's offices are there, and the space is available for public and private events. The organization is just begining the process of going to the web, a very exciting prospect.
Prodyne, Inc.
Jim Proebstle, founder of Prodyne, Inc., is also Paul's uncle.
Closer Look Home Inspections, Inc.
Johnna's uncle owns this company.
Hammock Bliss/Way 2 Cool Gifts
Our friend Dov offers an has an interesting array of gifts and goodies, from refrigerator magnets to lightweight silk hammocks, with a Southwestern flair.
The PlanMan
Johnna's brother, Bub, has a drafting and blueprint business. He does everything from house plans and renovations to cemetery mappings.
Business Technology Source
Our company, offering business-oriented technology solutions.

Cool Sites

These are links to sites on the Internet that we think are cool.
How Much Has the World Changed Since You Arrived? See what's been going on while you've been on the planet this time around. Put in a couple of dates, and they'll tell you all the significant events that have happened in your lifetime, in a printable format if you like. You can even add your own personal events. The Genealogist in me loves this one; I intend to run it on all my ancestors.
dMarie Time Capsule
And while you're at it, check out dMarie Time Capsule, which will tell you what happened the day and year you were born.
National Priorities Site
This site tells you how federal dollars are being spent in your hometown. Also lots of information about federal spending in general. A bit of an anti-defense spending bias, but great info.
Genealogy Links
I've got all my favorite genealogy links (the free ones anyway) on the Genealogy page. Have a look there (left side.)
I love this e-zine site. I may not always agree with everyone there, but they sure make me think. I really like Anne Lamott's articles.
Don't Panic, Eat Organic
A really informative site about growing and eating organically, and with links to informative articles on genetic engineering. Check out the OWL CAM link toward the bottom of the page.