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Paul and Johnna got married on April 25, 1998 in Warm Springs, Virginia. For the three days before, we went camping in the George Washington National Forest in Virginia. We arrived at the Three Hills Inn, where we had the celebration, the day before the wedding.

The next day, many of us went to the Warm Springs Baths together. Then preparations for the wedding ceremony got underway. It was a beautiful day. The dogwoods and cherries were blooming, and everything else was the light bright green of Spring.

Paul and Johnna married themselves and wrote the ceremony while on the camping trip. Many of our friends and family told stories, sang songs, or did something else during the ceremony to make the day even more special. Then Paul and Johnna exchanged rings and pronounced themselves married. It was an incredible day and all the more so because of the meaningful ways our friends and family contributed.

More descriptions to come. For now, you can see the two poems that were read during the wedding ceremony.


The Camping Trip

The Day Before

The Wedding