About Wedding - Carla's Poem




This poem was written especially for the wedding by Carla Giammichele, a dear friend. She recited it for us during the wedding ceremony.

This Love, Observed

There is something stark about love
When we glimpse it -
Like an open plain topped off with clouds
It stuns us with its simplicity
This love, observed,
Strikes down what we construct
From house, car, job, commute,
Returning them to ash
Even a glance in its direction, once cast,
Obliterates gossip, politics,
The rivalries on which we thrive -
No pettiness too small.
Gazing on this love
Ambition, obsession, vocation - all
Fall away
Leaving us, eyes lowered to take ourselves in,
Like trees revealed in winter.

Carla Giammichele
(For Johnna & Paul)