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William and Sarah (Nash) Armstrong Family

Born: abt. 1801, Ononodaga Co., New York[1]
Died: bef. 1 June 1874[2]
Parents: Unknown
William Armstrong
Born: 21 January 1802, Brookfield, Chenango Co., New York[3]
Died: 21 December 1886, Brookfield, Madison Co., New York[3]
Parents: Isaac and Amey (Hall) Nash[3]
Married: Unknown
  1. George R. Armstrong
    Born: abt. 1822, Madison Co., New York[2]
    Died: 22 September 1875, North Brookfield, Madison Co., New York[9]
  2. Isaac N. Armstrong[4]
    Born: 12 October 1830, Brookfield, Madison Co., New York[10]
    Died: 6 March 1906, Sherburne, Chenango Co., New York[11]
  3. Ellen Armstrong[5]
    Born: abt. 1833, Oneida Co., New York[5]
    Died: 21 February 1902, Hamilton, Madison Co., New York[5]
  4. Mary Armstrong[6]
    Born: 5 March 1836, Brookfield, Madison County, New York[12]
    Died: 24 December 1897, South Brookfield, Madison Co., New York[13]
  5. Sarah Armstrong[7]
    Born: abt. 1839, Oneida Co., New York[1]
    Died: 21 February 1907, Smyrna, Chenango Co., New York[7]
  6. Edward R. Armstrong
    Born: abt. 1841, Oneida Co., New York[14]
    Died: 3 April 1865[1]
  7. Rosanna Armstrong[8]
    Born: 16 April 1842, New York[8]
    Died: 15 July 1908, Madison, Madison Co., New York[8]
  8. Catherine Armstrong[1]
    Born: abt. 1845, Madison Co., New York[1]
    Died: aft. 1 June 1905[15]


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