The Face-To-Face

What if, after knowing my ancestors only through the few records that survived them, I got to meet one of them? Would I get along with them? I said in … Continue Reading →

You Are So Beautiful To Me

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? Is it contingent on a subjective point of view? I think that all of my ancestors are beautiful, even the progenitor of … Continue Reading →

The Family That Sings Together

The Chapmans and Buttons sang together in the Warners Methodist Church Choir; in fact, they made up a large part of the group. This photo was taken in 1944.

Chapmans and Buttons

(L-R) Maxie button, held by Willie Button, Sharlie (Chapman) Button, David Chapman and Ina (Case) Chapman, Norma (Button) Chapman and Dave Chapman Jr, holding Bonnie Chapman. About 1944.

Phillips Family Gathering

Relatives of Elizabeth Phillips; not all are known. At left are her parents, Arthur Crawford and Gladys L. (Benedict) Phillips; Elizabeth, Fred Bovee and Roy Bovee are in front. Betty … Continue Reading →

Easter Morning

(L-R) Fred Bovee, Betty Jane Phillips, Roy Bovee and Doris Bovee, with their Easter bunnies. About 1928.