I dedicate this site to my ancestors, to whom I (obviously) owe everything. The focus is on my four grandparents’ lines: Armstrong, Phillips, Chapman and Button, and the area in which they lived, Central New York. This is my attempt to both honor them and carry on their memory for future generations.

My name is Johnna and I’ve been researching my family history since 1998 or so. I’m the proud co-owner of a few ornery DEAs (D___d Elusive Ancestors) who refuse to give up their secrets, as well as plenty of memorable characters, from Shakers to convicted bigamists. I hope to tell their stories and show off some of their charming quirks, because history is so much more interesting when you can know a little something about the people it happened to.

If you are also a co-owner of some of these people and want to share info, please contact me at genealogy @ oldwillow.com (without the spaces).


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