About The Trip




This site is dedicated to presenting our one year trip around the world which we began in June, 1998. We have been updating this site regularly as the trip has progressed.

We had been planning this trip since the year before we were married, and had dreamed of doing something like it for much longer than that. We will be visiting many friends as we work our way from Scandinavia to Northern Europe, through the Middle East and India, to Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, and arrive back on the West Coast of the States in the spring.

We are posting pictures here in the Picture Gallery, and our thoughts and musings in our online Trip Journal. TO get an overview of where we have been, start with the Trip Map and drill down from there to the summaries, pictures and journal entries for each stop.

A lot of people have asked us how we managed to keep up a website on the road, and what kinds of gear you need to travel with a laptop. Paul wrote an article called Around the World in 80MB: Cyber Travel 101 to answer these questions.